Vector Green and White 68mm Tail CF Blades(B Version)

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 Length: 68mm

Hole  Diameter: 2mm

Grip: 2.6mm

Weight: approx 4.5g (1 set)

Material: Carbon Fiber

Color: Green&White

Use for Trex 450L/480 RC Helicopter



This is a pack of RJX 450 68mm Tail Blades. 

These tail blades have been developed to match the 360mm main rotor blades to improve tail locking performance.

RJX blades unlock the drive to push harder, faster and lower with cutting edge performance that takes intensity to a new level.

High Quality Carbon Fiber Construction.

Light Weight with High Strength.

Optimized Airfoil Design for Maximum Performance.

Multiple Size Ranges Available.

Factory Balanced with Optimized Center of Gravity.

Composed of true carbon fiber construction, these light weight rotor blades were designed for maximum agility and performance, providing rapid control inputs with crisp response capability.


Package Included:

1 Set x Carbon Fiber Tail Rotor Blade