LOGO 480 XXtreme Super Combo VBar NEO VLink, yellow/red

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The LOGO 700 and 800 XXtreme helicopters just had a little brother:  it is the LOGO 480 XXtreme helicopter.  This smaller 480 version has a rotor diameter of 1090 mm (EDGE blades 473).  It is operated with a 6S Lipo battery (max. 4000 mAh).  The very sturdy herringbone gear and the light-weight and reliable belt drive will suit novices as well as more ambitious 3D pilots. 

Specifications Helicopter
Rotor diameter                                1090 mm
Rotor blades                                     Rotortech 480
RTF weight                                        > 2200 g
recommended batterie                  Lipo battery max. 4000 mAh
Main gear ratio                                11,7 - 9,6
Main Gear size                                 212 teeth, modul 0,5, herringbone main gear
batterie slot                                      H 53,5 x W 49,0 x L 150,0 mm
Length                                               970 mm
Height                                               340 mm
Width                                                117 mm
Kit                                                      Kit
Accessories                                        -
Manual                                             detailed printed manual
Motors                                             Scorpion HK-II 4015-1070
Motor pinion                                  22 or 23 teeth, modul 0,5
ESC                                                   YGE 90LV with power bec
VBar electronic                               VBar NEO express
Servos                                              Savox SH1250MG (3x), SH1290MG (1x)
Blades                                              Rotortech 480
Tail Blades                                       Carbon 72-86 mm
Canopy                                             Airbrush canopy, neon-yellow/neon-red