LOGO 690 SX-V2 Kit

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The new LOGO 690 SX from Mikado is a cross-over model, combining the best of 600 and 700 size helicopters. This makes for extraordinary flight performance.

  • LOGO 690 SX—a 700 size heli with a weight of just 4.8 kg (12S-5,000)
  • light und durable chassis fiberglass reinforced frame with battery quick release system
  • for 12S Lipo battery, 4,000 mAh to 5,000 mAh
  • aluminum swashplate with new geometry for quicker cyclic response
  • robust tail drive via HTD-belt with aluminum drive pulleys
  • stronger blade grips with Ø 5 mm blade grip bolt
  • stronger free wheel for higher torque
  • additional aluminum/carbon battery tray  
  • reinforced clamp ring for main rotor shaft
  • herringbone main gear makes for smooth sound
  • extra-stiff carbon tail boom brace
  • new airbrushed chassis cover lets you identify the flight attitude of the heli more easily
  • glass-fiber airbrushed canopy with new look



Specifications Helicopter
Rotor diameter                            1,550 mm
Rotor blades                                 690 mm
RTF weight                                    4.8 kg
recommended batterie             12S Lipo (4.000-5.000 mAh)
Main gear ratio                            1:7.06
Tail gear ratio                               1:4,76
Main Gear size                             106 Module 1
batterie slot                                  58 x 55 x 330 mm
Length                                           1,340 mm
Height                                            390 mm
Width                                             330 mm
Kit                                                   Kit
Accessories                                   Anti Static Kit
Manual                                          Illustrated Manual
Blades                                           Carbon 690 mm
Tail Blades                                    Carbon 105 mm