LOGO 480 XXtreme Scorpion motor combo, yellow/red

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The LOGO 700 and 800 XXtreme helicopters just had a little brother:  it is the LOGO 480 XXtreme helicopter.  This smaller 480 version has a rotor diameter of 1090 mm (EDGE blades 473).  It is operated with a 6S Lipo battery (max. 4000 mAh).  The very sturdy herringbone gear and the light-weight and reliable belt drive will suit novices as well as more ambitious 3D pilots. 


Specifications Helicopter
Rotor diameter                          1090 mm
Rotor blades                               Rotortech 480
RTF weight                                  > 2200 g
recommended batterie            Lipo battery max. 4000 mAh
Main gear ratio                          11,7 - 9,6
Main Gear size                           212 teeth, modul 0,5, herringbone main gear
batterie slot                                H 53,5 x W 49,0 x L 150,0 mm
Length                                         970 mm
Height                                          340 mm
Width                                           117 mm
Kit                                                 Kit
Accessories                                 -
Manual                                        manual with pictures
Motors                                        Scorpion HK-II 4015-1070
Motor pinion                             22 or 23 teeth, modul 0,5
ESC                                               -
VBar electronic                           -
Servos                                          -
Blades                                         Rotortech 480
Tail Blades                                  Carbon 72-86 mm
Canopy                                       Airbrush canopy, neon-yellow/neon-red
ESC                                             at least 90 A
Motor pinion                            20 teeth, modul 0,5
Servos                                        3 Midi-Servo (swash plate), tail rotor servo standard size
VBar electronic                         VBar Neo