Battery ID Sensor, VBar Control

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VControl Battery ID Sensor

Introducing the Battery ID Sensor for the Vbar Control radio!

Package includes (1) ID sensor & (5) RFID battery ID tags)

Benefits at a glance:
*Automatic detection of flight pack batteries in a model.
*Battery logbook stored in the radio automatically. 
*Simplified battery management.

Less risk of damaging batteries by deep discharge when using flight packs with different capacities or of different age.

Automatically creates and stores logbooks in VBar Control for all flight packs that have already been entered, which can be analyzed on a computer later on. 

Automatic selection of known batteries in VBar Control, independently from the selected model: plug & fly.

System requirements:

VBar Control Radio
Control RX-Satellite 
VBar with Spektrum-Satellite- Connectors (Telemetry-Bus).
Current/Voltage/Capacity Sensor 04890