HTS-SS Nitro O-RPM Combo

  • Beschrijving


    • Sensor Station Telemetry Starter Pack For Nitro Models


    • HTS-SS Is A Control Box Between All Temetry Sensors And Receiver


    • Equiped With 8 Sensor Ports - 4 x Temp, 2 x RPM, 1 x GPS and 1 x Fuel


    • For Use with Optima 7 & 9 Receivers And Hitec HTS Telemetry system


  • Includes Sensor Station, Magnetic RPM Sensor and Temperature Sensor


Communication is key, so let Hitec's Telemetry Monitoring System open the door to a whole new world of infomration.

Utilizing thier Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS) technology Hitec's Telemetry Monitoring System allows you to monitor a a variety of information on the Aurora 9 screen or on your PC. 

Knowing more about your aircraft’s performance will keep you in charge and improve your flying! 

This system is a must-have asset for sport fliers and advanced pilots everywhere