690 CF 3BL Main Blades

  • Beschrijving
●Use for 700E Three-Blade Rotor Head.
●The new blades are uniquely special designed for three-blade rotor set with classical color painting and airfoil. Remarkable gravity position create rich agility and stability!
●Even it reduces 20g for each blade weight, it can still keep well blade strength and torsional resistance, also increase flight time for incredible flight experience.

Optional Equipment:
●700E Three-Blade Rotor Head(H70H008XXW)
●700E Three Tail Blade Set(H70T008XXW)
●105 Carbon Fiber Tail Blades / 3(HQ1050C)

●Shape: Symmetrical wing
●Length: 690x60x8.05mm
●Width: 14mm
●Shaft Diameter: 5mm 
●Weight: Approx 510g/set