Stainless Steel Main Blade Push Rod (Short 52mm)

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GAUI X7 Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Main Blade Linkage Push Rod 52MM (with 4 Plastic Links)

  • "New updated 52mm length & design by GAUI" Also includes 4 Plastic ball links!
  • Included in package: (2x) 52mm Tunbuckle set, also includes [217180] - (4x) Plastic Ball Links. (as shown below)
  • Check photo below for instructions / Specs / Use
  • For "Short" Formula Head - X7 & NX7


  • Turnbuckle Rods: One end of these special turnbuckle pitch control linkage rods has reverse threads, which allow you to make extremely precise adjustments in the setup of your helicopter main blade grips. When using turnbuckles, there is absolutely no limit to how finely you can adjust the length of your control rods!

    Another great advantage to turnbuckles: you can now change your linkage length without popping the ball links off, simply turn the rod and you can shorten or lengthen them! This allows for greater longevity to your plastic links as well since they will only need to be popped on once.