Gaui X4 II Kit

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100% carbon fiber frame.

New CCPM control system for precision accuracy to enhance hovering and 3D flight control.

Factory configured CNC torque tube, tail boom assembly.

Recessed mire CNC spindle seat effectively reduce installation error.

New lightweight push rod control Extreme 3D performance with explosive power.

New high-rigid lightweight brace.

Streamelined FRP canopy.


X4 II Kit x 1 set

HALO  CF main blades 450L(CFA)

HALO CF main blades 450L(CFA)

♦HALO  CF main blades 450L(CFA) x 1 set
0P1072-HALO CF Tail Rotor Blade Set(72mm)♦HALO CF Tail Rotor Blade Set(72mm) x 1 set


Length (with canopy): 900mm
Height: 320mm
Width: 165mm
Main Blade Length: 425 ~ 460mm
Tail Blade Length: 70 ~ 77mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 970 ~1040mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 210~222mm
Weight: 1780g ±5% (with engine and electronics)
Servos: Mini servo

Optional Accessory:

Mini size CCPM servos x 3pcs
Mini size tail servo x 1pc
ESC: 6S, 60A~100A
3-Axis Gyro x 1pc
Motor: 910KV