To make a purchase at our online shop it is not required to register, you can place an order without registering.

Unregistered users:

as unregistered user when ordering you must always fill in your contact details.

Registered users:

to log into the system click on the top of the screen on the "Login" and fill in your user name, password, and continues to press "Login".

Sign Up

To subscribe to the system as a registered user you must complete and submit the registration form.
Access to the registration form, click on "New Registration".
After submitting this form you will receive a username and password to the e-mail.
Registering in the system is not committed to anything.
In each purchase as a registered user, you do not have to fill in your contact details.


Goods are in the system sorted into groups. Groups have a character drop-down menu.


To find products use the search box on the top right of the screen, and write at least part of the search term or product code.


To add items to your shopping cart simply change the quantity if more than one piece (default) and click "Buy".
Goods are placed in the cart.
At the top of the screen, you see the number of items in the cart and the total price including VAT. (without shipping cost)


To change the number of pieces of items in the shopping cart you must open the basket by clicking the "Basket".
You can change the quantity of each item and press "Recalculate."
To delete an item in the order press the button "Delete".
To continue in order to select the method of delivery and payment, and then press the "Order". (you need to agree with our conditions/voorwaarden)
Shipping cost is calculated automatically for the selected country and order amount. (fixed shipping cost our free shipping)
If needed you can write a small note in the commentary box.

Shipping info.

We need your full front and last name and correct adress.
As a registered user, you can log the required data is automatically filled.
To complete your order, go to step "Submit Order".
All delivery time's are based on the standard shipping info we receive from our suppliers and couriers.

Your order will process as quickly as possible and we will contact you via e-mail, in which all the necessary information.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by mail or phone. 0032 (0) 3 296 59 82 or