MultiWii Bluetooth Module

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These RS232 Serial Bluetooth adapters are fully configured and tested to run at 115200 baud on a MultiWiiCopter. Each adapter is tested using an Android phone and Bluetooth connection using the Android Bluetooth MultiWii Configuration application available for free from the Android Market. (search keyword "multiwii")


Adapter includes 4 wire cable to easily connect to your MultiWiiCopter. This is the ideal tool for configuring your Multi Rotor vehicle at the field or park. 


Basic Operation

  • Connect BT adapter to Arduino Pins (shown below).

  • Power on the MultiWiiCopter as if ready for flight.

  • (first time use) Pair the device using code "0000"

  • Run the Android MultiWii Configuration application.

  • Select the BT device named "CRIUS_BT" from settings menu.

  • "Connect" from the menu.

  • Read values.

  • Save changes by pressing "Write".
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